Eliot Pargament Arkansas

About Eliot Pargament Arkansas

Eliot Pargament of Arkansas has been a farrier since 2011. Eliot has earned the credential of Certified Farrier.

Eliot Pargament of Arkansas completed his first farrier training at the Tucson School of Horseshoeing in Tucson.

Eliot then went on to complete a training program at Kentucky Horse Shoeing School in Richmond, KY. The Kentucky school is often considered the “Harvard” of horseshoeing school. After serving as an apprentice in the Washington DC area, Eliot Pargament Arkansas began his own business Metro Farrier Services. Eliot Pargament of Arkansas has worked closely with Mike Poe, a Maryland farrier known for difficult shoeing procedures.

Eliot then served at the University of Maryland as an assistant instructor with Mike Poe. Eliot Pargament of Arkansas has served as a traveling farrier at various rodeos. Eliot has attended various training seminars and horseshoeing competitions around the United States and in Hamburg, Germany.

Eliot Pargament Arkansas specializes in all breeds, and his treatments include all breeds and disciplines, all hunter, clips, corrective and lameness shoeing, custom blacksmithing, draft horses, dressage horses, venters, general farrier work, handmade shoes, hot shoeing, hunters, jumpers, laminitis treatment, mules, regular shoes, and trims.

Eliot Pargament of Arkansas is considered very dependable and has done farrier work for National Park horses as well. Eliot has also served as an employed farrier at various stables in the Washington DC area. Eliot Pargament Arkansas considers continuing education very important, as new and improved techniques are always important to keep up with.

Eliot Pargament can be reached by email at mingusman14@gmail.com, or by calling (703) 727-5281‬.

Eliot Pargament of Arkansas provides shoeing services in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

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